• Pursuit of excellence in higher education.
  • Assimilation of discipline and liberty at college.
  • To create an optimum and overall development of the students.
  • To maintain a balance between freedom and responsibility.


  • To create critical, rational and intellectual thinking in the learners.
  • To promote students with a perspective of being better human and responsible citizens.
  • To encourage the young minds sustain their moral, social and cultural values. 
  • To enhance their creative and curious minds explore in the world of knowledge. 
  • To empower the students to assume leadership.
  • To provide advance education leading the students grow in their professional and social life.


  • To provide excellent infrastructure.
  • To ensure that students must be treated on the basis of equality.
  • To create sense of respect for oneself and others through exposure of cultural diversity and human rights.
  • Holistic development of the students through participation in cultural, academic and technical events.

S.M.D.R.S.D. College

Founded on 11th November, 1953; S.M.D.R.S.D. College Pathankot is affiliated permanently to Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and is Registered under Registration No. 34 of 1979-80.


Dr. Rajeshwar Singh Choudhary

president (1)

“Anything in life worth having is worth working for”
Education is the basis of all progress. It is for this very reason that we forayed into education, in 1953 and founded the oldest college of Pathankot, S.M.D.R.S.D College. Here, we impart education that is based on conscience and we rear a genus of young minds that are bustling with self-confidence, motivation and ever ready to take up the challenges. Our genuine concern ensures student’s emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. Our ardent effort has always been, and will be reaching our students into the first category of people who must be committed to serve the nation. Only one relation must reign in our heart and mind “Vasudev Kutumbakam”. The seeds of a pious idea sown in 1953 by the founder president of the college Choudhary Kesho Das quickly came to fruition and the college is fulfilling all the goals aspired by him. At S.D College we are imparting an all-round education to young students so that they become multi-dimensional rather than uni-dimensional. Here, we firmly aim to evaluate our students on the basis of physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual development. At S.D, the curriculum is designed to ensure that every student achieve to the very best of his ability and potential. It is wonderful to look back at the last few years at S.D, when there is so much to celebrate and feel proud. University merit holders, gold and silver medals in athletics and different sports, N.CC cadets visiting to various places of India and learning new things, participation in youth festivals and so on. The success of S.D College in all spheres is combined product of all our efforts.
I feel proud to acknowledge the contribution of highly qualified and dynamic faculty, non-teaching staff and undoubtedly the students of the college for this. Eminent dignitaries from different spheres of life are invited to the college to inspire the young generation of our college to expose them to new ideas and thoughts.
I wish all the students the best of luck in all their future endeavors.


Prof. Jasveer Chand Katoch

principalnew (1) (1) (1) (1)

S.M.D.R.S.D. College as an institution has always aimed at a holistic development of the students, inculcating the values of perseverance, knowledge and hard work. Established more the 60 years ago, the college has shown and over shined the growth by leaps and bounds in carving its niche as one of the best institutions in city Pathankot and around. We want our students to be the torch bearers of knowledge and to pave their own ways in the new modern world. The college is best known for its rigorous academic standards, well qualified faculty members, discipline and curriculum. Today, the college has evolved its gateway to excellence. The college boasts on its consistent good academics results and holistic growth. Every program in the college is associated with the perspective of students’ growth and linked with social cause. At S.D College, the primary goal is the enrichment of education and producing a better generation to go to serve the society and prove to be responsible citizens. S.M.D.R.S.D College has stood above the rest in approach to education and its pedagogic. We render the best possible curricular and co-curricular opportunities to challenge the students to reach their highest potential, to enjoy learning and positive contribution within their homes, society and nation Our students compliment their academic talent with co-curricular activities and outshine in the field of sports, art and cultural sphere too. I find myself fortunate to be an integral part of the college and ensure the students to always be there raising the benchmark of the success. I take the opportunity to thank the parents for trusting us and to send their wards at our college to carve their future.
We envisage a long way in enhancing quality in education in accordance with the objectives of the college and in serving society and nation at large with sensitivity and commitment. On this note I welcome the new students to the arena of enlightenment and invite them to embark on an intellectually invigorating journey with us.

S.M.D.R.S.D. College Pathankot

(Affiliated to G.N.D.U. Amritsar)

S.M.D.R.S.D. College, the first and the oldest college for higher education in the city Pathankot, the sixth largest and populous city situated in the picturesque Shivalik foothills of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Our college today is among the city’s and surrounding areas’ foremost institute leading in the sphere,  providing education in all the streams of higher education. The foundation of the college was laid by Sh. Chandreshwar Prashad Narain Singh, Governor of Punjab on 11th of November, 1953. The college endeavors to educate a new generation of leaders capable of carving their future with humanity, critical thought process and justice. The college is enriched with heritage providing lifelong, learning oriented education. Our mission is to develop the future leaders to their fullest through our four P’s: ‘Philosophy’ of social awareness, ‘Potential’ of leadership in every domain of life, ‘Professional’ competency with applied knowledge and ‘Passion’ towards lifelong learning. 

We offer more than twenty modular and multi-faceted undergraduate, post graduate courses and various diplomas in semester system affiliated to G.N.D.U. The college comprises all the required and necessary facilities. The unique spirit of S.D. College is democratic resilience and the benevolent and congenial relationship between faculty and students.